Nurses little titties make your cock hard

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The biggest fetish you have is peeping down nurses’ uniforms to look at their boobies. When you encounter hot blonde nurse Stephanie Bonham Carter it is like all your dreams come true. As she gets you ready for the doctor she leans over you and you have your first glance of her perky tits. You forget that her job is to give you a quick exam to see if you are ready and for her to do that she needs to look at every part of your body.

One part that she definitely should not be seeing is your dick that is already rock solid from looking down her uniform. You decide to take your chances and don’t stop perving at her titties as she starts going closer to your dick. When she removes the cover from you she is surprised by the size of your stiff shaft and she got instantly turned on. She can’t take her eyes from that thing and tells you that she has a kinky idea. She will unbutton her uniform for you to see her tits and hard nipples if you are going to jerk off in front of her so she can admire your cock. Continue reading “Nurses little titties make your cock hard”